Mobilteil S650H - Firmware + Features

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Mobilteil S650H - Firmware + Features

#1 Beitrag von MuP » 5. Jan 2018 13:12

•Next generation user interface on 1,8” TFT illuminated display
•Side keys for volume adjustment during a call
•Up to 12 hours of talk time. It supports your activities during the day, without re-charging
•Easy as Gigaset. Unpack, connect and conduct a call
•Profiles for personal, meeting and loud-surrounding use
•Handsfree talking with brilliant HDSP/CAT-IQ 2.0 sound quality and high maximum volume
•Modern design with convenient size and proportions
•Searchable local phonebook with up to 500 vCards and corporate phonebook via PBX (XML, LDAP)
•Support of Net provider features via menu
•Vibrating alert
•Silent charger mode during parallel ringing
•Headset connection via Bluetooth® or 2.5 mm jack
•Convenient data exchange via Bluetooth® or micro-USB
•PIN-protected keylock for optimum line security
•Charging via any mobilephone charger with micro-USB
•Scratch- and disinfectant resistance

•Full compatibility with Gigaset N720 DECT IP multicell system and N510 IP PRO base station
•In GAP mode behind 3rd party DECT multicell systems: local missed calls list, edit base name, set time & date by base

Software version 63
CLIP Picture and VIP melody
Interoperability with Deutsche Telekom Speedport Hybrid and Type C
Bluetooth pairing

Software version 60
Change default ringer melody
Enable silent charging icon
Gigaset Animation is not played when key-lock active and HS put in charger
Appointment signal is changed for all appointments, not individually.
SUOTA improvements

Software version 59
Local Call list for GAP mode
Implementation for CAT-iq 2.0 protocol
First implementation of SW update over the Air (SUOTA) (Has to be supported by DECT base)
List of anniversaries problem when number of anniversaries is greater than 255
The corded headset alert volume during incoming call with all ring tones off
1u1/DSL +++ VDSL2.17A.ITU.G.993.2/BC177.140
F!B7580/153.06.92/DSL1.148.136.11 +++ F!R1750E/134.06.93
N510IP/42.247 +++ 5xSL750H/116.074.04/CT1805

Firmware N510IP A510IP C430IP C530IP C590IP C595IP C610IP N300IP GOBox100

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Mobilteil S650H - Firmware + Features

#2 Beitrag von Rowy » 7. Mai 2018 09:22

Eine neue Firmware ist verfügbar:


Ich habe sie über QuickSync problemlos eingespielt.

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