FRITZ!Box 7560 FRITZ!OS 06.83 int. vom 05.04.2017

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FRITZ!Box 7560 FRITZ!OS 06.83 int. vom 05.04.2017

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Product: FRITZ!Box 7560
Version: FRITZ!OS 6.83
Language: English, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish
Release date: 05.04.2017

Download Firmware-Image: ... e/english/
Download Recover-Image: ... c/english/
New features 06.83:
- necessary telephony network changes
- Powerful wireless LAN: Band steering
- Reservation of data rates
- Extended Smart Home functions and more for MyFRITZ!
- FRITZ!Fon: new start screens und a night service
- Extra security and network adjustments
New and improved Features in FRITZ!OS 6.83

NEW - Display of Internet use by guests in the Online Monitor
New - Guaranteed data rate for home network devices despite intensive use of the guest network
NEW - Option for autonomous port sharing (UPnP/PCP) can be enabled for each device

NEW - Option to limit the number of outgoing calls to foreign numbers, enabled automatically
NEW - Call diversion applicable to all contacts in a telephone book

NEW - Support added for operating CAT-iq 2.0-compliant handsets

Home network:
NEW - IP address (DHCP) can be changed directly in the device details

Wireless LAN:
NEW - To improve data transmission, a dual-band wireless device can be set to switch between the 2.4 and the 5-GHz frequency band automatically (band steering)

Smart Home:
NEW - Display of temperature curve over the last 24h for devices with temperature sensor
NEW - Group switching for radiator controls
NEW - Switching of the FRITZ!DECT 200/210 smart plug by sounds, like clapping or knocking

NEW - New convenience features added to user interface and optimized display on smartphones and tablets (responsive design)

NEW - Password for registering an IP telephone with the FRITZ!Box must have at least eight characters. IP telephones with a shorter password will be disabled with this update.
NEW - Certain settings and features require additional confirmation by the user where the FRITZ!Box is located

Storage (NAS):
NEW - FRITZNAS user interface optimized for tablets and smartphones (responsive design)

NEW - Text messages received at mobile communications dongles operating as a modem displayed as events


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